Friday, December 21, 2012


Beckett, somehow you are already 11 months old!  You've been home with us for about two months now!  In no time, we will be celebrating your first birthday!!
Here's what you're up to:
-You love patty-cake, especially clapping your hands.
-You can stand for several seconds and have even taken a few steps (with encouragement)!
- You have uttered "Mama" a few times...still not sure if you know what it means, but I'll take it. :)
-You are slowly, but surely, starting to feed yourself.
-You can go all night without a bottle, but you tend to be an unsettled sleeper and need to be comforted often.
-You like to be held, but you are starting to enjoy playing on the floor in longer stretches.
-You dislike snow very much!
-You are smiley...I can pretty much always get a big grin from you! :)
-You have four teeth...and I'm pretty sure there is going to be a nice big gap between your top two.  It's pretty cute right now!
-You want to do everything your big brother does.  Wherever Caysen goes or whatever he does, you are sure to follow!
-You've been saying "Dada" since we met you in Taiwan; again, not sure you know what it means yet. ;)
-You take two naps a day, sometimes three.
-You love kisses!!
-You have captured my heart; love you precious boy!!!!