Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An apple a day...

 ...doesn't always keep the dr. away.

We've had several dr. appointments over the last week or so.  We have one more check-up with the pediatrician tomorrow and then we get a little break.

Last week, we met with a neurologist who did a quick exam and then explained Caysen's MRI.  Going over everything with the neurologist was so helpful because we've never been able to talk to an expert.  Now, we have a clear understanding of what happened in the first few days and weeks of Caysen's life.  It was mostly good news and the neurologist said he doesn't need to see Caysen for a year because he is doing so well :) 

The neurologist also said that Caysen's sensitive gag-reflex and frequent vomiting could be a result of his rough beginning.  It doesn't give us a magical cure, but at least we have an explanation.  Speech therapy (which we just started in April) is the best thing we can be doing to strengthen the muscles that control oral-function, so hopefully that will help.

Yesterday, we headed over a few mountain passes...

And I looked over the edge of the road to the ground far below...
And got a serious case of the willies!!

We drove through a few mountain towns...

And finally, we made it to Caysen's appointment with the pediatric opthamoligist.

We learned that Caysen will need to have surgery on his eyes to correct the strabismus (eye crossing).  We were really hoping there would be another, less invasive, option we could try, but the best thing is to go ahead with the surgery.  We will make the same trek to see the opthamologist a few times over the next two months to prepare for the surgery which will be in July.

They gave Caysen these really sweet sunglasses to wear home since they had dilated his eyes...which he wore for approximately 36 seconds ;) 

I will update again after his appointment with the pediatrician.  Please keep our sweet boy in your prayers.  Thanks!


The Annessa Family said...

I know it's so much to handle - but you are just the right mama for the job! He's lucky he has such a great family to walk with him through everything!

And just an aside as my background is in this area...a Speech therapist with some specialization/training in cognitive therapy would be AWESOME as he gets older.

Brooke Annessa

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the great report from the Neuro. Sorry our sweet man has has to have eye surgery, but I am so thankful that he is getting good care. Love you all and praying for you often. Love the glasses little man. You are a doll!

Aunt T

jnlraboin said...

so far you've been able to handle everything that has come along and I'm sure you will continue to with God's help. So much happiness from one little blessing makes it so much easier too :).