Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guest Room Progress

 I was going to call this post "Guest Room Before and After", but it's not really after yet since the room isn't completely put together (ie. bare walls, missing furniture).  But, we closed on our house about three weeks ago and things are slowly starting to come together.  The guest room is currently one of the most complete rooms in the house so I thought I'd post a little preview.

 Here is what the guest room looked like on move-in day:

I painted some swatches on the wall and put the bed together to see where I wanted to go with it:

Thanks to an idea from Pinterest, I DIY'd a window shutter headboard.  My parents have had the shutters in their attic (still in the wrapping) since they moved into their house when I was nine.  Nothing like a free headboard!!

After careful consideration, I decided I didn't like any of the swatches I chose, so I went with something different.  We picked up the paint last weekend and Hubby and I tackled the job today.  Here is the (sort of) finished product:

Here is the attached guest bath on moving day:

And, here it is now.  Definitely not a dramatic transformation, but I think it looks pretty cute:

So there you have it, one sort of complete room...10 or so to go.  ;)

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The Annessa Family said...

I LOVE the bed!!! LOVE! And such a good idea for a headboard!