Friday, February 24, 2012

Looking Back: February 24, 2010

At 6:42 am on February 24, 2010, we received this e-mail in our inbox:

"Dear Leslie and Lance,

Referral for Adoption

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Buttons.  I was given this name because I have a 'button' on my head, a 'button' on my eye, and a 'button' on my belly.  Some people look at me and laugh at all my 'buttons' and other people look at all my 'buttons' and cry.  I hear my aunties telling people not to cry because most of these buttons will go away without any medical intervention (whatever that means).  The doctor that looks at my eye says that by the time I am four or five the button on my eye, which they call a Hemangeoma, (adults use weird words) will become so small it will not be noticeable.  The other day when the nannies were changing my diaper they started squealing and laughing because my belly looked like all of the other babies' belly buttons.  The doctor told them the big hernia (another weirdo word) on my belly would disappear before I was one but I do not think they could believe it would go away before I even turned six months old.
My mother was 15 years old when she gave birth to me.  She has no other children.  She is not married to my father and she has not shared any information about him with anybody.  I think he must be handsome because I hear Aunt Trena and Aunt Holly say I am so cute.

My grandfather loves me dearly and he came to the hospital to visit me many times during the four months that I lived there.  Even though he loves me dearly he believes that I will have a better future if I am given up for adoption.
I hear my aunties talk about the two of you LOTS.  They say they feel bad if first time parents have to worry about a baby with a shunt. I think they are crazy because my shunt just makes me more special.  When I heard that you loved me and wanted the best for me I figured that I should make them write you a letter and tell you to "COME GET ME" cause you are the best for me if you already love me.   Please let my aunties know if you think you could love me and take care of me. 

Given Chinese Name: Ming Jia
Birthday:  August 19, 2009
Age at Referral Date:  6 months 1 week
Weight at birth:  2500 grams
Current Weight: 4700 grams"

I can't believe that it's been two years since our referral, yet it's hard to even remember life before Caysen.  Looking back at the referral pictures reminds me of how many miracles have happened in our sweet boy's life.  Our baby boy who "wasn't supposed to make it" is learning how to walk and talk and do all kinds of big boy things!  I remember praying about whether Caysen was meant to be a part of our family or not and worrying if we could handle his special needs.  Our worries and fears all seem silly now; I'm so very thankful that we trusted in God's amazing plan and accepted one of the most precious blessings of our lives.

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