Saturday, March 24, 2012

IPhone Life

 I thought it would be fun to post what we've been up to over the past couple of months in IPhone pictures (This post is pic heavy):
We finger body painted.

We celebrated Valentine's Day!

It snowed.

We crafted.

We had dinner with friends.

It snowed...again.

We sent a care package to Beckett!

Caysen Helped.

We had a sick day.

We read lots of books to pass the time.

We had dr. appointments.

We had noodles and bubble tea. :)

And we had raspberries and cool-whip; dr's orders!

We didn't want to go to sleep...

At least not without holding Mama's hand.

We got new shoes.

We drove our Kawasaki!

We re-covered the couch pillows.

We took a walk in the double-stroller ;)

And we basked in the warm spring weather!

1 comment:

Cecilia said...

So is Zoe going to be hurt when she can't cozy up in the 2nd seat of the stroller anymore?