Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I thought I knew...

Caysen was the easiest baby ever when we first brought him home from Taiwan!  In fact, he slept most of the 14 hour flight from Taiwan to LA and didn't cry once!  We could lay him in his bed, and he would go right to sleep.  He hardly ever cried and was almost always happy and content.  Of course we had a host of extra stuff to deal with like dr. appointments, medical tests, therapies, and feeding issues.  Still, he was an easy baby.

Then one day, Caysen turned two and he wasn't so easy anymore.  Our boy is a little firecracker and so much fun...but believe me when I say he wears me out some days.  The child is determined and stubborn!  When he wants something, he wants it and there is no distracting or redirecting him.  If I tell him no, a full-blown tantrum is sure to follow. He throws himself back and screams flopping around on the floor which is pretty awkward, especially when we're in public. ;) 

As far as bed time is concerned, he is not a fan of sleeping in his crib and I usually fall asleep laying next to his crib before he finally gives up and calls it a night.  If I don't sit next to his crib waiting for him to fall asleep, he rocks and bangs his head against the side of his crib. Hard.  He has been known to wiggle the screws loose with his rocking.  The boy has me trained well.  He is very much attached to his Mama.  He prefers I don't ever leave his sight.  I secretly kind of like this, but it can be a challenge in certain situations.  On the flip side, someone else might be holding him and when I go to take him back, he screams and clings to the other person as if I am some kind of monster.  It was awesome when he did this with one of the nurses at the feeding clinic.  They were already doubting my parenting abilities so that was a nice way to end our appointment. ;)

All I can say is becoming a parent is humbling.  Everything I thought my child would never do, he has done.  Many things I thought I would never do as a parent, I've found to be the only option I have if I wish to keep my sanity.  Being Caysen's Mama is the absolute best thing in the world, but I just want to paint an honest picture for other mamas out there who may be doubting themselves and wondering why their kiddos aren't perfect and happy all the time.  Parenting is such an amazing and wonderful gift, but it most certainly comes with challenges, frustrations, and a nice dose of humility.
I can't wait to see what kinds of lessons we will learn from our sweet Baby Beckett!!



Joyce Denson said...

Hi Lesley,
I loved reading this. Jakeb is my third child and I am still learing so much as a momma of a boy. Thanks for sharing! Joyce

Anonymous said...

Well written, Leslie. Parenting is not easy and if you strive to be a "good" parent it is even more difficult. You know doubt have all the tools you need to accomplish this, the main one being your faith in God. ...... See you soon!!! Mona