Sunday, October 21, 2012

From Taiwan

We met Beckett on Thursday morning and by Thursday afternoon, I was sick!  I think my body just reacted badly to the jet lag this time around because everyone else stayed well.  Whatever it was, I was pretty miserable for a couple days (which is why you haven't heard much from me).  Yesterday, I finally felt well enough to get out so we took a trip to the Kaohsiung Zoo.  Can you believe that they only charge about a dollar to get into the zoo?!?  It's a real zoo with tigers, and elephants, and lions, and they only charge ONE dollar!  The weather is pretty pleasant here (equal to a warm summer day at home with humidity) and it was fun to get out and walk around after being stuck in bed. 
Beckett is doing great and seems to be getting more and more comfortable each day.  He wasn't crazy about taking a bottle at first, but he's pretty ok with it now.  He LOVES cereal and lunges at the spoon with each bite!  We are enjoying getting to know his personality and learning what makes him smile.
 Caysen is doing better than we could have expected!  He really seems to like Beckett and has been so patient when we aren't able to give him attention as quickly as he would like.  He's been getting a lot of QT with Lance because Mama is frequently busy with Beckett (Beckett has been cared for by women only since he was born so he is taking more time to warm up to Lance).  Other than being a little clingier than normal, Caysen is pretty much just being himself.  It can't hurt that many of the people his aunties here have been spoiling him and giving him all the attention he could ask for.
 Here is the Kaohsiung skyline from the zoo.  Different, but the same. :)
And one more picture from the zoo.  Some of the monkeys hang out by the trash and wait to scam on people's leftovers.  You have to watch out because they are little pickpockets. ;)
We spent the weekend soaking in as much of Taiwan as we could and we're looking forward to the week ahead which includes birth-family meetings, our AIT appointment, and a few other fun adventures!

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Emily Albright said...

I so love that you are sharing these days with us! Really I think that I just so love that you have both your boys!!!! Yay for the Kirks! Can't wait to meet that cute little man! Sorry you were sick, but glad you are feeling well now!