Friday, October 2, 2009

East Coast Trip

Last week we got to take a trip to Maryland to see my sister and her family and we made a little vacation out of it too. We spent a few nights in a condo in Ocean City, MD and spent the rest of the time at my sister's in Baltimore. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip:

Roqaya and I getting ready to head to Ocean City.

We had a birthday party for Karim and Roqaya. Karim is old enough now that he really gets it, which makes it so fun!

Getting ready for the 4-D show, nice glasses!!

Touring Washington, D.C.

Here we are in front of the condos we stayed in while we were in Ocean City.

She is such a doll!

He's just too cute for words!!

Karim thought it was so much fun for Uncle L to push him on his trike!!

We had a blast while we were there; now I just have to get caught up at home. I plan on tackling the giant laundry pile this weekend. I've been working hard all week to get caught up, but as usual, it takes a little while after being gone for a week. It was a lot warmer in Maryland, so when we came home, we had to adjust to the very fall-like weather. I guess summer is officially over.

As far as the adoption, we are waiting to hear if we are accepted and we should be starting our home-study soon. It seems like we have accomplished so much...but there is still a long way to go. I am still feeling surprisingly patient about the whole thing. I guess God really was teaching me patience with the infertility struggle. Sometimes we don't understand why we go through trials, but I know there is always a purpose.

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