Friday, June 18, 2010

I've Got A Golden Ticket!!!

Ok, it's not golden, it's paper and it will arrive on Tuesday via fed-ex! What is this ticket for??? It's a ticket to Taiwan!!!!!! That's right, in less than three weeks, I'll be boarding a plane headed to Taiwan where I'll finally get to meet that beautiful little boy I am always gushing about :) :) :) :)

We haven't received our final decree which is when a family is typically allowed to travel, but because of Caysen's need for physical therapy, I will be going over early so I can work with him on a daily basis. I am more than excited and would post a picture of the perma-grin on my face, but I'm sick as a dog and have been in bed since yesterday at noon so I don't think it would be a very pretty sight ;)

Lance will be joining me in Taiwan once we have our final decree. In a perfect world, we would get to meet our precious Caysen at the same time; but we both agree that this is best for everyone and I can't wait to hand Caysen over to his daddy for the first time!

Please pray for an un-eventful trip for both of us and a smooth transition in Taiwan. I love my Lance and know it will be tough to be away from him for any amount of time, so maybe pray that I'll be able to handle that part too ;)


Natalie and Jake's Mama said...

YAY! How exciting! Bet you can't wait to get over there and get that little darling in your arms! So very, very happy and thrilled for you!

Jamie Jo said...

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!! I am SO excited for you! I can feel your happiness and joy and nerves and everything! Congrats, Mommy!!! Go get that baby!!!