Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Close We Can Almost Touch

Last night, I was feeling a little sad that Caysen is so far away (he is pretty much on the other side of the world). But then I started thinking about how God is watching over and comforting both of us at the same time. It really makes the world seem a lot smaller and Caysen and Lance and I don't seem so far apart. There is just something in knowing that God is carrying us both through that helps me continue on with patience knowing that we'll get to hold our boy when the time is right.

We received another update yesterday with these pictures! He looks like such a big boy to me:


Beth said...

He is PRECIOUS!!!!! I love these pictures, Leslie. He is so cute and looks incredibly sweet.

I am praying for you. Hope your wait will be over very very soon!

Kirsten said...

Hi Leslie! How sweet your little boy is!! When are you going to be traveling to get him? We are adopting internationally as well, from Ukraine (2 little girls), and we are from Bayfield. I heard about you from my inlaws Richard and Kathy Westbrook. I was instantly interested when they told us about you because (1) we are adopting as well and (2) my 2 oldest sisters are adopted from Taiwan. I have always wanted to adopt a little girl from there, but it has just never happened. Would love to talk with you more and share experiences... maybe we can even do some kind of joint adoption fundraiser! That would be fun!
Kirsten Westbrook
check out my blog if you want