Sunday, September 19, 2010


Caysen, you are 13 months old today!! You are the most precious and perfect sweet baby ever :) We love watching you change and grow all the time.

You are getting better and better at sitting up; you still have to brace yourself with your hands, but you are sooo close to being able to sit up without bracing yourself.

You are also holding yourself up higher and higher on your hands and knees, like you might be thinking about crawling :)

You are such a good eater! You love anything we give you...carrots, broccoli, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, and of course yogurt!

You are almost sleeping through the night. You still wake up a couple of times, but if Mama rubs your back and tells you it will be ok, you go back to sleep after only a few tears.

Mom loves water and wants you to love it too, but you don't. Half water and half juice is the only way you'll drink enough so we're going with that for now ;)

You have finally outgrown your monkey jammies! We'll have to keep those since you just about wore them out!!

You have been babbling more and more. You love it when mom and dad mimic whatever you say; it makes you smile so big :)

You do NOT like the grass; we tried to set you in the grass and you cried and cried!

You still don't have any teeth, but you love to chomp your gums together and it is oh so cute!!

You love to hang out in bed with mama and daddy when you first wake up in the morning (Mama and Daddy love it too)!

I wrote this post earlier today and mentioned that Caysen is a good eater, and then we had dinner...This boy can eat!!! Two oz. of pears, two oz. of carrots, one oz. broccoli, two tbsp. rice cereal mixed with about an oz. of formula, and 2 oz. of banana yobaby yogurt! I don't know where he puts it all ;)

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