Monday, September 13, 2010


Things I expected when I went to Taiwan:

Missing Lance like crazy.
Missing home.
Missing peanut-butter and pancakes with agave nectar.
Missing my family.
Loving Caysen (a lot).
Being hot.
Enjoying lots of new experiences.

What I didn't expect:

Meeting several people that I grew to love and missing them like crazy when I had to leave!

It didn't even cross my mind before I left for Taiwan, but I miss some Campbells, Muirs, Hatchers, and others much!!! It has been, without a doubt, the hardest part about coming home. Even worse than the jet lag.

Sometimes this world seems so small, but when there are people on the other side of the world who have become like family, all of a sudden, the world seems so big :(

It's been almost a month since we left, but it still hurts to think about the tearful, very tearful, goodbyes ( H&T don't say goodbye, so it was "see ya soon") I had to say when we left Taiwan.

Yep, not what I expected...


Kalina said...

Yep, it was, "we will see you next summer," I said. They come home every other summer and this next summer it will be time for their trip home. We will have a His Hands reunion, with lots of kiddos running around, love, laughter, and memories to hold onto forever.

Natalie and Jake's Mama said...

Your words really hit home for me. Though we were only at HH for a very, very short time, I grew to love each and everyone there. It's funny how someone can be a complete stranger one minute and a beloved family member the next. Another fine example of the miracle of God's love.