Friday, October 15, 2010

Out the Window. Part Two.

Well, day one of calorie overload didn't go so well. Caysen was already having trouble keeping his food down before changing his diet, but yesterday he was having...ahem, other digestive problems along with the vomiting.

He had all dairy yesterday, besides one oz. of blueberries, and let's just say it didn't help ;)

So, we're throwing that plan out the window and letting him live on oatmeal and pedia-lyte for a couple of days. The dr. is suspecting lactose intolerance at this point, so there's a good chance we'll be switching him to rice milk. For now, we're going to let his little system rest; and then we'll try adding the dairy back in slowly to see what happens. If he starts having the same issues, then we will know that lactose is the culprit.

I'm just hoping we get it figured out quickly because even though Caysen is a trooper and doesn't act like he feels bad, I know it can't be fun for him!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Baby Boy, Aunt Trena is praying your tummy will be better soon and that Jesus will show Mommy and Daddy what to do to help you. Love you oodles!

Lacie said...

C was having trouble with Dairy too. I know how you feel. We did rice milk for a while. He is doing well on it now, but it took a while.

michelle said...

We had the same problem with our daughter. She loves cheese, yogurt, ice cream, but very watery stool when she was starting milk. We put her back on formula and are now introducing milk again but very slowly and very little. So far, so good. Hope everything works out for you.