Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby Steps

I got a new camera a few weeks ago, a Canon Rebel T2i to be exact. It has lots of buttons and dials so to say it intimidated me when I pulled it out of the box would be an understatement. First off, I read the manual because I knew I would get nowhere without it. Then I started taking pictures ;I just shot in auto mode at first, to get a grasp on the basic functionality of the camera (and because I was too scared to try manual mode).
I put the camera down for a few days, not ready to dive into it any more. Then, I read this post and it gave me the courage to begin the journey that will be learning my camera. I realized two things that changed my perspective completely:
1. I should not compare myself to anyone but myself. Hopefully over time, I get better, but I should focus on developing my own personal style and not worry about what someone else is able to do.
2. I won't master photography overnight, but I have to start somewhere. If I just take it one thing at a time, eventually I might just be pretty good.
With my newfound courage and determination, I got the camera back out and decided to tackle my first learning project...blurring backgrounds.

Here are my first manual-mode, blurred background images:
There are probably a million and one things wrong with them, but look how blurry those backgrounds are ;)
I didn't edit these photos so you (and I) can see exactly what I was looking at through the camera lens.
I'm going to keep working on this background blurring business for a little while before I move on to the next step.

I think I'm off to a pretty good start :)


shawna [of styleberryBLOG] said...

somebody figured out aperture! WELL DONE!!

Cecilia said...

They're really good, they have the blurriest backgrounds I've ever seen...but then again I don't know ANYTHING about photography.

Anonymous said...

way to go leslie, you jump in there girl you can do it! with subjects like you have how could you go wrong, particularly the first photo.......mona