Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting Fresh

I'm not really into setting resolutions, it just doesn't work well for me. I'm more of a one small goal at a time kinda gal. So, my current goal/task is to do a little organizing around the house. Tomorrow will be day 1 of a 5 day plan to get my home organized. I found the plan online and it sounds perfect for me and my borderline obsessive personality:

Day 1: De clutter
Day 2: Donate/Recycle
Day 3: Organize
Day 4: Store/File
Day 5: Clean (This may turn into days 5,6,7, & 8 if I want to tackle the things I often overlook like windows and base boards)

So, that's goal number 1 of 2011. Wish me luck!

1 comment:

michelle said...

Good luck on your resolution. I had that some goal last year and didn't quite get started on it. I hope to try it again this year because I really need to organize things in my house.