Wednesday, January 19, 2011

17. Lunker Baby

Caysen, you are seventeen months old. You've been home with us for five wonderful months and we are just as thrilled to have you in our lives today as the day we held you for the first time! We love you so much!!!
As the picture above demonstrates (please ignore the drool-face, we've got a teething baby on our hands), you are getting close to crawling. You still do your modified crawl, the caterpillar, but you are starting to get up on hands and knees too!
You babble more and more, all baby language, but it is sounds like you are trying to tell us something...we're just not sure what ;)
You are a 15 lb. lunker!!! We are so excited that you have gained a whole pound in the past month! It was slow going there for a while, but we're hoping this new weight-gain pattern continues so you can grow into a big strong boy!
You still don't like veggies, but I've been sneaking them into your yogurt or pureed fruit and it seems to be working ;)
You drink pedia-sure, vanilla or strawberry only. Aunt Trena- we're one step away from putting coka in his baba ;)
You are really into standing now (with help of course), and you are busy, busy busy! You like to do the back and forth between mom and dad and whoever else is around.
You are having a teensy bit of stranger anxiety, but you're still ok as long as mom or dad are in sight.
You sleep through the night and are still in between 1 and 2 naps a day.
You have 3 teeth, a few more chompers and you'll be able to eat steak ;)
You still don't always keep your food down, but it's getting better. We just started some new medicine so hopefully that makes you all better.
You are so very loved by so many. We are more convinced than ever that God has big plans for you, sweet boy :)

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happiness is good for the heart! :)