Saturday, February 19, 2011


Caysen you are eighteen months old, a year and a half! Where has the time gone?!? Here is what you are up to:
You weigh 15 1/2 lbs!

You can say Mama and Dada. :)

You are busy, busy busy! You get a little frustrated because you want to be able to do things, but your body hasn't caught up with your mind.

You are very interested in what Mama and Daddy eat, but solids still aren't for you.

Your belly is so big, we have to leave your jeans unsnapped ;)

You have mastered the caterpillar, and you can cruise from room to room!

You are 27 inches long.

You LOVE to stand (still with help)!

You love to play the tickle game with Daddy! He just gives you the look and you start to giggle :)

You are still a puker, but you're gaining weight, so we're just trying to deal with it and keep the puking to a minimum.
Your physical therapist says you are VERY determined...we agree! ;)
You are a great sleeper, though you do wake up and we can hear you playing in your crib at random hours of the night ;)
You are such a happy baby; people always comment on how you never get upset!

You have only been home with us for six months, but it's hard to even remember what life was like without you! You are precious, and perfect, and amazing, and we love you SO much!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Leslie for a beautiful dialogue of where Mr. Caysen is. Seems he has been gone longer than 6 months. Watching his progress brings new faith to my spirit when I pray for Ladybug! Love to you all........Mona/Nano