Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day in the Life

"No chewing on the rug, Caysen."

"Cayen, get your fingers out of the heater vent."

"Don't play with the dog-food, Caysen."

"Caysen, we don't pull on Zoey's tail."

"Stop licking the floor, Caysen."

"Don't pull on the curtains, Caysen."

"Caysen, you can't dive off the edge of the couch."

"No climbing the drawers, Caysen."

"We don't chew on books, Caysen."

I sound like a broken record with these phrases lately. Sure, I could be upset and frustrated because the little man is into everything; but I'm not, not at all.

I'm not upset that the front of my oven is covered in little fingerprints. I'm not upset that the splash radius during Caysen's bath time might actually reach Taiwan. And I'm not upset that Caysen thinks of everything as an object to be climbed.

I'm not upset because our precious boy is doing exactly what he should be doing, growing, learning, and getting stronger and stronger every day.

Our sweet baby, the one that the doctors had little hope for, continues to amaze us all and show us the huge miracles that God is capable of.

So, every time I re-direct Caysen away from one of the many things he likes to get into, I thank God for letting us be a part of this miracle.

"Caysen, I love you to the moon and back."


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus for our sweet miracle Caysen. Any time we doubt you are able, all we have to do is look at him and know that your power and love know no limits.
To God be the glory, great things He has done!

gin said...

I LOVE that picture of, so, cute!

What a wonderful post.