Monday, March 14, 2011

He's Acting Like a Big Boy Again

Caysen figured out something new about a week and a half ago. He has physical therapy tomorrow for the first time in two weeks and Miss Diane is going to be so proud!!

Now that he can pull up on stuff, he can help me unload the dishwasher:

Or if I'm thirsty, he'd be happy to get me some water:

He also loves to help me get things out of the refrigerator, or out of the cabinet drawers. In his room, he loves to reach his books, and he likes to stand up next to his toybox and get toys out all by himself. My favorite is when I come in his room in the morning and he is up on his knees or feet ready and waiting :)

*Disclaimer* I really do dress Caysen and comb his hair, it's just that our best play time is usually first thing in the morning so he's in his jammies with wild hair in a lot of the pics I post ;)


gin said...

What a huge deal!! Yay Caysen!

Anonymous said...

You rock little man! I love you with your messy hair and jammies, that is the best snuggle time too. We need to start planing for you and mommy to come see me in Florida this summer. Love you all oodles, Aunt T

Future Mama said...

So cute!! He is so adorable with that messy hair!!