Friday, June 24, 2011

New Eyes

 Caysen had his eye surgery on June 8th.  His eye's were pretty red for several days, but other than that, he seemed to heal very quickly.

 Here he is a few hours after the surgery, someone was a little out of it. ;)

The dr. gave strict orders to keep him from rubbing his eyes so the poor guy had to be swaddled at night.  He definitely didn't love it...

We have a follow-up appointment in July so we'll see if the surgery worked or if we'll have to go back for round two.

I can definitely tell a difference in his eyes, but it's hard to know if they are completely corrected or if they still need a little work.  Prayers would still be appreciated.  Thanks!


The Annessa Family said...

Oh he's so darn cute! Praying he is completely healed and you don't need to have another surgery!

Brooke Annessa

Ashleigh said...

Continuing to pray for little man. From the pics his eyes DO look better! Thanks for the update. Love you and missing you lots right now :/


Sue said...

Glad everything went so well. We will be praying that this did the trick and there will be no more surgeries for Caysen. I agree, his eyes look great!

mamapeterson said...

Hi Leslie! We're on the waitlist with HH and I was wondering if I can ask you some questions! Thanks!!!