Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Get Your Craft On

Now that we're all settled in our new house (sort of), I've had a few chances to put my craft room to good use.  The first project I tackled was a fall wreath.  My inspiration came from here.  I guess I'm a little more boring and neutral so I took the original idea and changed it a bit to suit my taste.  Here's what I did: 

My supplies included a foam wreath, 1 yard of burlap, ribbon and other embellishments, scissors, and hot-glue.
I cut the burlap into about 1 inch strips.  I found that I could get two strips out of each short length of the yard.
I tied my burlap strips around the wreath alternating the directions of my knots.  Then I added my embellishments and it was ready to be hung.
Here's the finished product hanging on the front door.

Even Mr. Kirk thought the wreath was super cool...or is that super cheesy?  The focus in this picture is horrible, but how could I not post it.  You're welcome dear husband.  ;) 

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