Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The (Almost) Finished Nursery

 We've been in our house for a year and I've finally completed Caysen and Beckett's nursery.  I still have a few things to add as I find them, but I'm calling it done!  I used many of the same pieces from Caysen's nursery and stuck to a tight budget.  There's something very rewarding about not spending a lot of money and still managing to completely change a space.  It's amazing what some paint and a little fabric can accomplish!  Here it is, Caysen and Beckett's new nursery:

Remember the Day canvas created by Hello There Design.
Remember the Day canvas created by Hello There Design.


David and Kalina said...

Love it and all the stuff you made. Now we need a picture of these little boys having sweet dreams in that room. Love you and praying.

Sue said...

What a sweet room. I can't wait to see it filled with two precious little boys! Praying that Beckett comes home soon.

Blessed Mama said...

SOOOO precious! Love it Leslie :-)

steph said...

Gorgeous! Really love the wall canvases! What a fabulous idea!