Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Three Years

Sweet Baby Boy,
       I don't remember the day you were born.  I wish I could say I do, but  for me, it was just another day.  I don't have any pictures of you when you were brand new.  I didn't spend hours, days, weeks, and even months praying for a miracle while you lay in a hospital bed fighting to survive.  Even though I missed out on a lot, I am so thankful for the day you were brought into this world.  I am so thankful that your birth mama chose life for you.  I'm thankful that Jesus carried you and healed you and eventually placed you in the loving care of His Hands Taiwan.  I'm thankful that God led us to His Hands knowing that their ministry would be the link that would join us as a family.  You were several months old before God whispered your name into my heart.  Even though I didn't know much about you, I felt sure that you were the one God had chosen for us.  I asked your DaDa if he felt the same way, and he said yes!  I was so happy and also scared, but I knew that God had a beautiful plan and I was so ready for that plan to unfold.

I met you for the first time when you were about a month shy of one year.  It was an incredible moment that I will never forget.  I had waited so long to be a mama and then we found out that you were going to be our son!  What an exciting time!!  Still, we had to wait several months with only pictures until it was time to fly across the ocean and prepare to bring you home.  Meeting you and holding you for the first time is and will always be one of the very best moments of my entire life.

The day after your 1st birthday, we boarded a plane and brought you home.  That was two years ago and I love you more today than I ever could have imagined.  We've celebrated victories and struggled with challenges, but through it all, I remain ever grateful that God chose me to be your mama.  I love you sweet boy.  Happy Birthday!




gin said...

Happy birthday, precious Caysen! (And congrats to his mommy and daddy, who have done an amazing job raising him.)

Vickie said...

This is beyond sweet and precious, Leslie!