Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten Months

Beckett, you are 10 months old!  You have been home with us for about a month and your little personality is coming out more every day!
You are 19 lbs. 4 oz. which puts you in the 21st percentile for weight.
You crawl and pull up to furniture and occasionally you stand independently. :)
You LOVE being held!  If you had it your way, I would never put you down!
You are a pretty good eater.  You've mostly only tried cereal, baby food, and yogurt, but we've given you a few nibbles of grown-up food here and there and you seem to like it!
You are a snuggle bug!  Love!! :)
You smile with your entire face!  It's pretty adorable!! :D
You mostly sleep through the night, but occasionally wake up and need help finding your paci and blanket.
On a daily basis, people tell me how beautiful you are...I agree. :)
We haven't heard any words yet, but you were primarily exposed to Chinese until about a month ago, so you could be forming complete sentences for all we know. ;)
You have a temper!  You can scream and bang your head like I've never seen!
You love following Caysen around and trying to do whatever he does. :)
You are a little bit shy, but as long as I'm nearby, you are usually ok.
You are in the 50th percentile for height!
You are loved by many!!
We look forward to continued bonding and getting to know you more over the next months and years!

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