Monday, November 5, 2012

Times Two

 I started to write a blog post about a week's probably a good thing I never finished.  I was in the midst of terrible jet-lag and child-refusing-to-sleep induced physical and emotional exhaustion.  I really didn't understand why anyone would choose to have two children.  I thought it a bit cruel that no one had warned us that having two children is exponentially more difficult than having only one! 
There was an incident that involved me trying to take a shower with two kiddos and a hubby back at work.  It ended with the shower curtain on the floor, a crying mama, and two crying boys.  I really wondered what I had gotten myself into.  I didn't know if life would ever be fun again.
Thankfully, the jet-lag began to ease and the child decided to sleep.  Our new routine was taking shape and things got a whole lot happier!  We still have a long way to go with bonding and attachment, and figuring out our new normal...but I can honestly say, life with two boys is pretty darn fun!   

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Emily Albright said...

Love this photo sequence! I can tell that Beckett is going to play the role of little brother very well! Adorable! And sorry if I am one of the slackers who didn't give you enough warning... Life with two boys (or three!) can be VERY challenging, but overall it is tons-of-fun and so incredibly special (which I know you have already figured out!).