Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No Turning Back Now

I started running right after Thanksgiving with the goal of completing a half marathon in May. I will be running my first race this Saturday, the Valentines Day 5K! I'm definitely nervous, but the plan is to work my way up to a half marathon over the next few months, so here's my schedule:

February 13th- Valentines Day 5k
February 27th- FLC 5K
April 24- Pueblo to Pueblo 11 Mile Run
May 1- Shiprock 10K
May 9- Colorado 1/2 Marathon

I have a running-buddy that will be running with me on Saturday, so hopefully that will make it a little less scary. I've been running on the track at the rec center since it's been so snowy, but yesterday I tried running outside for the first time- Oh my, it is a lot harder! I started my run from my parents house which is at the top of a hill so no matter which way you go, you have to run up a hill at the end and I thought I might die by the time I turned into my parents driveway!!!

Hopefully my knees will hold up and I will have completed my first 1/2 Marathon come May :)

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