Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Treasures :)

We got an update and a few new pictures in our inbox this morning! Caysen is up to about 12.4 lbs. and he's still doing great!! I've noticed in the last few updates that his hair is really thickening up too, so cute :)

We've run into one little snag, but we're hoping it ends up getting resolved quickly. The court requested a TECO authenticated copy of our marriage certificate, but we already sent it to them in April. Hopefully they just didn't realize it was included with all of the other docs that were submitted. If they lost it, we'll have to get our last copy of our marriage licence certified by TECO and mailed to Taiwan as quickly as possible to avoid any delays. We should hear something in the next day or two as far as whether it was lost, or just overlooked.
Things are still going smoothly overall, and we hope to be holding sweet Caysen soon :)
UPDATE: The court did have our marriage cert afterall, so we don't need to worry about sending them another copy.

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