Monday, May 24, 2010

Ni Hao

As we get closer to our trip to go get Caysen, I've begun to research some of the basics of Taiwan such as weather, culture, tourism, cuisine, and language.

I have no intentions of learning mandarin, but I figure I should at least memorize a few key phrases; so here is a little lesson:

Wo chi su-pronounced: wo chur su-means I'm vegetarian (I'm not actually a vegetarian, just very very particular about eating meat at restaurants so I will stick to non-meat dishes if possible).

Wo bu chi yu means I don't eat fish (This might be the most important one of all for me, I absolutely do NOT eat seafood of any kind...ever).

Wo milule means I'm lost (Hopefully we don't need this one).

Jiuming a! means Help! (Again, hopefully we don't have to say this).

Ni hao-pronounced Nee How- or Nin hau means Hello.

Quing-pronounced ching- means Please.

Xiexie-prounounced shayshay-means Thank You.

Bukeqi-pronounced boo keh chee?- means You're Welcome.

Qu-pronounced choo?- means Yes.

Bu qu-pronounced boo choo?- means No.

Ni hui jiang yingwen ma? means Do you speak English?

And here's a new picture we received this morning in our weekly update! He's practicing for when he watches football with uncle John :)

Wo ai ni (I love you)!!!

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