Thursday, November 18, 2010

Haircut- Round 1

Here is a picture of Caysen a couple of weeks ago when he was really starting to need a haircut:
He really needed a haircut, it was actually in his eyes by the time I got around to cutting it this week.

Where did Caysen go? This is a teenager, not the little baby boy from the picture above: Thanks to my hair cutting skills, the poor guy also has a little bit of a "Dumb and Dumber" look going on ;) Especially when he makes this face:
I will be touching up his haircut, but it's not his favorite thing to endure, so I just did enough to make it look sort of normal and I'll touch it up once he gets over the trauma from the first round.
A. His hair really does grow to one side so it's partially an optical illusion that it's longer on one side.
B. It's only partially an optical illusion that his hair is longer on one side.
C. His hair is too thick to just trim around the edges anymore; it gives him the bowl cut/Dumb and Dumber look mentioned above.
D. I will no longer be giving Caysen haircuts ;)
E. He is still the cutest teenage Dumb and Dumber precious sweet baby boy ever!
F. The End.


Brittany said...

Adorable! I won't have to cut Kaden's hair for a LONG time! He hardly has any, lol. You're brave to do it yourself! :)

Cecilia said...

Wow, he does look a lot different. But, I think the cut is good, if you keep doing it he'll get used to it and you'll get better. I had to do some experimenting with Karim's hair and left him looking nerdy a few times but now we have it down pretty well, even with his crazy half-African hair.

WAH/SAH Mom said...

He is just adorable and happy. Colter cried the whole time during his first hair cut.

I also loved the baby bjorn. I only got to use it for about 5 months. I think Im going to try a moby wrap this time.

Clare said...

Leslie!! He is such a little cutie and this post is hilarious. What a little blessing he is!