Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beckett- 16 Months

So we finally managed to schedule Beckett's 15 month well check...on the day he turned 16 months.  I guess we've been busy.  Did I mention that having two kiddos is exponentially more crazy (and amazing) than having one? ;)

Beckett's appointment went well.  He didn't love the shots they gave him, but who can blame him?  He's pretty much right on target (or ahead) in all areas other than being a little behind on speech.  Learning Chinese for 9 months and then suddenly switching to English tends to do that.  We actually started speech therapy a couple weeks ago to give him what he needs to catch up. 
Also, I think I shrink children. ;)  When Beckett came home, he was in the 50th percentile for weight.  At three months home, he was down to the 30th percentile.  And now, he is in the "less than" 3rd percentile.  In truth, our boy is a picky eater.  And he belongs on an Asian growth chart.  He loves to eat and is branching out with new foods all the time.  We're not worried.  He weighs in at 20 lbs.  We tried to get his length, but he didn't cooperate. What can I say, he gets a little anxious around everyone doctors. ;)
Beckett's personality has really been coming out lately and it's so fun!  He is very serious most of the time, but he can be a total goof-ball.  He loves making people laugh and he loves praise.  He's a brave boy; no fear.  He's still a Mama's boy, but he's becoming more and more of a Daddy's boy.  Dad's just way more exciting and Beckett loves exciting (unless the excitement involves sudden loud noises, those terrify him).
We are so thankful for our snugly, sweet, sometimes challenging, and definitely humbling, precious, smiley, and perfect Baby Beck!

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