Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On a Whim

I decided last minute to take a quick trip to Texas for my nephew's high-school graduation.  And by last minute, I mean I decided to go for it about noon on Thursday and we were packed up and headed down the road later that evening.  Lance had to work so it was just Beckett, Caysen, and myself.  Here are some pics of our little adventure:
We stayed the night in a hotel on our way to TX.  It wasn't one of my best nights of sleep, but the boys slept great! ;)
It was hot when we got to Texas (bad quality phone pic, sorry)!

Beckett and Caysen got to meet their uncle Marlon!!

And they got to see Aunt Lori too! :)

Fun at the pool!

My nephew, Kirk, after his graduation.  I feel so small!

The boys also got to spend some quality time with their cousin Tenley! Thanks Lisa for taking these pics!!

Silly boy!

Caysen likes to make goofy faces!


More silly faces.

The kids had so much fun together!!

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Kalina Raboin said...

Those usually make for the best trips. No planning ahead, no worrying that you need to pack, get this done, that just up and go. Love it!!!