Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School

Today was Caysen's first day of Pre-K and he did great!  We are starting out slow so he only went for a half day today, but he will try a full day tomorrow.  The goal is to work up to five full days every week!  For my sake and his, I'm glad we get to take our time adjusting to a full day at school (and away from home).
I absolutely love his teachers this year and am looking forward to all of the fun and learning he will experience.  He already came home today saying, "My name is Caysen.", which is something we've been working on at home all summer.  I don't know what kind of magic his teachers and speech therapist performed, but it worked!
As a side note, I have not been keeping up with the blog lately as life has been so busy.  But, Caysen's birth mother has this blog address (I hope she checks it, but I don't know), so I really want to do better at posting.  Besides, I like to be able to look back on this too, and I think it will be fun for the boys to read it when they are older.  Now that Caysen is back in school, posting seems much more feasible.  I'm going to try and go back and post a few of the big events that I skipped and continue to post as we have fun things to share...we'll see how it goes. :)    

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Yes! I have been waiting for new I have any room to talk :)