Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Tigertastic Birthday

 We celebrated Caysen's 5th birthday Daniel Tiger style!  I asked him if he wanted trains or Daniel Tiger (two of his very favorite things), and he was quite set on Daniel Tiger.  I may have tried to steer him toward trains, but it's his birthday after all.  The boy loves some Daniel Tiger!
 This was the first year Caysen really understood what it meant that he was having a birthday, and a party.  He was so excited for friends, and cake, and most of all, presents!!
 I found tons of great printables on PBSkids.org and just dressed them up a bit.

I tried to keep it simple and sort of succeeded, but I just kept getting ideas that seemed simple enough.

 Caysen loved it!  The perma-grin he wore throughout his entire party made all the preparation worth it!
 Beckett is a big Daniel Tiger fan too and enjoyed all of the activities.
 Toddlers and crafts...fun, but messy. ;)

 Caysen said he wanted a bike for his birthday, so we delivered. We got him a balance bike to help him get used to the idea.  He's currently scared of it so it might be a while.  ;)

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