Thursday, August 28, 2014

Texas: What I've Learned

After just over a year in the Houston area, this is what I've learned:

People are generally very friendly.

It gets cold here, like really cold!

It's hard to eat healthy. Plenty of yummy (but not good for you) restaurants and a shortage of natural and organic grocers.

Fire ants. Enough said.

Regularly attending church is  the rule, not the exception.

It's so green and lush!

Water boils faster. 

Rush hour is no joke!

Humidity.  My skin likes it.  My hair does not.

Groceries are cheaper.

Snakes and bugs! Ewww!!

People are active.  Boot camp, running and riding clubs, organized classes; the options are endless.

BBQ is a big deal.

It gets hot, but not as hot as I expected.

Everybody has a landscaper!

The swimming pool is usually pretty comfortable.  Sometimes it feels like a bathtub in a sauna.  It's never shock-your-body cold as was often the case in Colorado. 

Gas is cheaper.

The weather is as unpredictable as it was in Colorado!  I think this is true for everywhere, except maybe Southern California.

Fruits and vegetables are very fresh and flavorful, but you better eat them quick before they go bad.

I can't watch the news if I want to sleep.  Then again, I've never been able to watch the news.

Thunderstorms don't get old.

There is always something to do!

The low altitude makes for excellent baking conditions!

So many places to shop, and I do love shopping.  But still, what did we do before Amazon Prime?

It really does rain in sheets!

I love Texas and I love Colorado and right now, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. :)

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