Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because I've Been Asked...

I have had a few people ask me about an adoption update, so here it is:

We are still waiting, waiting, waiting and we still feel at peace about it. I did find out that our application has been accepted and we are on the actual waiting list with His Hands so that's pretty exciting. I have no idea when our application was accepted, but it's just good to know that we are on the list.

We are trying to save money and pay for the adoption expenses as they come, which has worked out so far, but this is another thing that helps me be patient. If it happened too fast, I don't know where we'd get the money to pay for it all.

Other than that, our homestudy is complete and the agency should be sending it to us in the next few days so we can look over and sign off on it. The agency will also send a copy of our homestudy to His Hands so that they have a chance to look over it and make sure it is acceptable as well. Once we have signed off on the study, the next step will be to get our federal fingerprints done. These are digital fingerprints and will have to be done in Grand Junction or Denver so we'll probably be making a trip to one of those places in the next month or so. We are signed up for a CORE training at the end of January and then we will only lack a few hours to fulfill our training requirements.

As you can tell from my previous posts, I'm having fun making plans and purchasing everything that we will need when we bring our baby home. I just continue to pray that God grants me patience through the rest of this process, however long it might be.

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