Monday, January 18, 2010

J & C

This weekend, we took a quick last-minute trip to the Denver area to meet up with our good friends, Justin and Colleen and John and Jen came to hang out too. Here are some pictures from our fun weekend:

We had a really sweet rental...the guys were proud to show it off ;)

Awe, we miss them!!!

Boulder Creek Trail.

Colleen and I pretending to be rock climbers :)

You can't tell in this pictures, but the guys are really up high on a rock outcropping.

The Girls.

Jen's pretty brave! She wasn't scared at all and we were way up there!!!
We went to Casa Bonita for dinner. Apparently, if you are from Denver, you went here as a kid; but some of us had never been before and we thought it was pretty great!!

John and Jen at dinner.
Justin and Colleen are such wonderful friends! I'm glad we still get to spend time with them even though we live in two different states.

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