Monday, April 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Caysen got to go home from the hospital on Monday in Taiwan and he is doing much better :)

I received an update this morning with some pictures of his stay at the hospital. Poor guy, he looked pretty miserable; but at least he's feeling much better now.

We have been working on getting our fingerprints done for the Department of Homeland Security, but there has been confusion because we applied right when they were completely changing the process.
Today, we got everything straightened out and we have been given an appointment in Albuquerque in just a couple of weeks. Once we get our fingerprints done, it shouldn't take very long at all until we get our 171-H which is the final step (as far as the US is concerned) before we can go get our boy!!!
Thanks to everyone for your prayers. Please continue to pray for other (adoptive and birth) families going through the adoption process, all of the orphans around the world, and please pray that the rest of our adoption process goes smoothly and we can go get our sweet boy soon :)

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