Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puerto Rico!!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Puerto Rico Babymoon:

This was right out in front of the house we stayed in, Beautiful!!!

Where we stayed.

Here we are on one of the many beaches we enjoyed :)

In Puerto Rico, they like their butter and fried food! This organic foods store was the only thing that kept us from starving!

This was just down the street from where we stayed; Aguada, PR.

For any Lost fanatics, we decided this looked like a Dharma station ;)

Aguadilla, PR

Buye Beach, PR

Buye Beach, PR

Too cute, they're still little boys at heart :)

Here we are waiting in the airport in Newark for our flight to PR. Can you tell we were excited ?!?

We had a great time on our last vacation that was just the "two of us" (and two really good friends). Hopefully our next plane ride will be to Taiwan to get our precious baby boy and then it will be three :)

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