Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Please Pray

I woke up this morning and checked my phone to find the following, not so good news:

"Dear Lance and Leslie,
We wanted to let you know that Caysen is in the hospital. First before you read any more, HE IS OKAY. That out of the way, last night, Caysen started running a fever. He did not have any other symptoms that we could attribute his fever to and none of the other babies were sick, so we decided we had to play it safe and take him to the hospital to rule out a shunt infection or blockage.

He is at the hospital where his neurologist works and it is a great children's hospital. At this time, the doctors do not think he has a shunt infection. He has a urinary tract infection and his white blood cells are pretty high. They started him on I.V. antibiotics right away, and he will stay in for at least 3 days... He will not be left at the hospital alone, without one (or more) of his Aunties. :)


He is doing great. Even when his temp is up he is still sweet and tries to smile. They put his I.V. in his favorite arm and he seems to think we have just attached a toy to it for him. He constantly plays with the tube and looks at it. :) He really is such a sweetheart, even when he feels terrible.

We know that it is hard to know that he is sick, but we wanted you to be able to pray for him. We will let you know if there are any changes in his condition and e-mail often till he gets out of the hospital. Holly took some great pictures of him last night in the E.R. looking at his I.V. We will send those to you so you can see for yourself that he is doing just fine.

Holly and Trena"

To any prayer warriors out there, I am asking for prayers on Caysen's behalf. Please pray that he will be ok; please pray for wisdom for his doctors; and please pray that he will be able to come home to us soon. God is the one who can heal him, so let's lift Caysen up and ask for healing.

I will post his hospital pics when I get them and I'll update when I know more.


Beth said...

Lisa, praying that God will give you peace that passes understanding as you wait for news of Caysen's full recovery. We are praying for complete healing and quickly. It always comforts me when I pray for Maren to know that God is in the room with me here in the States and at the same time He is in Taiwan. He is with your baby boy! He has a very special story and he will take good care of him until you get there. Praying it will be soon. May God strengthen your tender heart.

Anonymous said...

Praying for Caysen and for you and Lance!