Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Must Stay Awake!

When Lance got to Taiwan, he had been awake for most of the past 36 hours so he. was. tired. My goal was to keep him awake as long as possible so he would get adjusted to the 14 hour time difference!
There was a mall within walking distance of our hotel, so that's where we headed.

First order of business, food! We tried a Japanese place, it was really good!

Then we played a few games at the arcade. Lance and I were playing a knuckle-biter (not really) game of air-hockey and I got so into it (again, not really), I accidentally left my camera on the table.
Luckily, the people who worked in the arcade found it and flagged me down the next time they saw me and gave it back :)

We went back to the hotel and Lance couldn't fight it any more. He went to sleep pretty early, but he was able to sleep all night and woke up feeling good!

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