Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taiwan Funnies

This is a McDonald's in the hospital!! You can get your arteries clogged and un-clogged all in one place ;)

Isn't it just terrible when the slipper slides!?!

There's nothing too unusual about people in the city square doing strange things for tips, but this girl stole someone's glasses and wouldn't give them back until they put a tip in her cup!!

The biggest earthworm ever!!! Not so much funny, more gross...but it was funny to watch Ashleigh run in fear at the sight of it ;)

Also gross, snails:

and squid on a stick:

The "walk" ogre, it turns into a full on sprint when you're almost out of time ;)

There are scooters everywhere in Taiwan!!! Even Dominoe's delivers on a scooter!

The strangest looking fruit I've ever seen; I guess it tastes horrible too:

Me in a super sweet hat doing the official pose of Asia :)

I would for sure hang this in my house, so classy ;)

Not just any wind damper!

Could be the world's longest escalator:


Kate Clayton said...

LOVE IT!!! Glad I got to be there to experience some of this with you!!!

Burgess' said...

Thank you for sharing! All these things are CRAZY, lol. The worm, snails and squid are GROSS. And that lady...she IS crazy. Glad it wasn't something of yours that she "took". The escalator takes my breathe away (I don't do heights).Is the fruit possibly Dragon Fruit? Its a pretty pink inside.

Cecilia said...

I especially like the toilet sign with the kid making the poop face

jnlraboin said...

love reading about your trip!

jnlraboin said...
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