Thursday, April 7, 2011

Now You Know.

Don't you think Caysen needs a brother or sister?  We do!  That's why we are on the list to adopt again.  :)  We aren't expecting a referral for several months so we're not really in "adoption mode", but it's still exciting to be on the list and wonder what our baby will be like; boy or girl, shy or outgoing, sassy or sweet (or a little bit of both)? God picked perfectly with Caysen, so we're just going to let him do the picking again.  Only time will tell...but it's fun to imagine ;) 


A Rancher's Wife said...

What wonderful news! I'm very excited for you guys!

gin said...

I am so happy, happy, happy for you! I am very excited to hear this news and eagerly await every detail. :)

jnlraboin said...

I think Caysen will be as thrilled as you are! Can't wait!