Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's that time again.  Caysen, you are 20 months old, Wow!  Today was one of those days where I was overflowing inside!  I'm thankful for you each and every day; but I guess sometimes I just really think about it a lot and take time to really absorb all of the little things that make our life so sweet.  Here's what you're up to:

You have four teeth (all on the bottom), but you are working really hard on a whole buncha' top teeth.  They're poking out everywhere, just haven't broken through yet.

You have become much more vocal.  You're still pretty quiet natured, but you do love the sound of your voice and all the different noises you can make. :)

You still sleep great, other than a few nights here and there when your teething gets the best of you.  Even then, I can't complain.

You are a total copy cat!  If Dada or Mama say something, you say it right back (or at least give it your best shot).  ;)

We haven't had you measured in a couple of months, but I definitely think you have gotten taller.

You are wearing mostly 9 and 12 month clothes, and only a few 6 month.

You really enjoy your walker!  I think your favorite part about it is that it enables you to reach so many more things, usually things that are off limits. ;)

You usually take 1 nap a day, but sometimes you still need 2.

Your favorite activity is pulling up on anything and everything!

You still LOVE music!  If you aren't in the best mood, I just turn some music on and it cheers you right up. :)

You spend a lot of time up on your hands and knees and have crawled a few times; but only about an inch at a time. ;) You are getting so close!

You are pretty particular about different textures.  For example, you are not a big fan of grass.  We're working on it slowly; I'm sure you'll come around eventually. ;)

You are happy 99% of the time, except during church.  When you were younger and still in Taiwan, Christel Hatcher took a video of you and in one part,you cried at the mention of church...I guess we're still working on that. ;)

What can I say, you are the most perfect and precious, sweetest baby boy ever!  Love you so much!!

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The Annessa Family said...

I dont know how, but I think he's getting cuter :)

Brooke Annessa