Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Moon

Before we knew we would be getting a referral so soon, we decided to book a vacation. We debated canceling the trip when we got our referral; but for a number of reasons, we decided to go ahead with it. We won't be able to go get Caysen for at least a few months anyways, so this will help keep us busy in the mean time. This year will be our five year anniversary, and we also wanted to take one last trip while it's just the two of us. Our sweet friend's parents have a house in Puerto Rico, so we will get to take a trip there in just a few short weeks. We wouldn't be able to afford a big expensive vacation right now, but this works out perfect because all we had to pay for were the plane tickets and we'll need to buy some groceries when we get there. We are so ready for some warm weather (it's snowing here at this very moment) with the winter we've had! We've been to Puerto Rico once before, but just for a short time before we headed off on a cruise. This time, we will get to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and warm temps.

Lance and I have always agreed that our relationship is important, and we can't be very good parents if we don't make sure our marriage is a happy one. The dynamics of our relationship have already changed, and they will change even more when we bring Caysen home; but we hope to still be able to make time for eachother so our marriage can continue to be one full of joy. We are so excited for the new chapter we are beginning, we just don't want to forget about where it started :)
God, then family, then everything else; that's how it works best...