Saturday, March 6, 2010


Our very good friends, David and Kalina are adopting a little girl from the same Ministry in Taiwan that we are. Leia should be coming home very soon, but in the mean time, Caysen is taking good care of her. We thought it would be fun to get pictures of Leia and Caysen together before they meet their Mom's and Dad's since they are practically going to be cousins :)

I think they like eachother ;)

So now I'm going to brag a little bit about Kalina. She has been an amazing friend to me for several years and I appreciate her so much. The adoption process isn't easy, but she has been there to help every step of the way (this is their 2nd adoption so they have become seasoned professionals). She has given up her personal time to help me research online, fill out confusing forms, and just to better understand the process. Some days, I feel like I must call her 20 times a day (at random hours) to talk adoption and I'm sure it must get old, but she's always so patient to listen and do what she can to help. Not only has she helped us in so many ways, but she has got an amazing heart for orphans and I know that she'll continue to do amazing things in the future. Love you Kalina, you really are a wonderful friend :)

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Kalina said...

Thank you Leslie. You are an amazing friend as well and so many wonderful things could be said of you and Lance as well. I pray we are able to have the future together to all grow old together as we have always dreamt of doing. We love you guys and our new little addition.