Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Seven Months!!

Today, Caysen is seven months old! We received these new pictures last night :)

Yesterday, I was starting to feel pretty sorry for myself wishing something would happen to keep me going. There have been a few little steps forward over the past week or so, but no major progress so I was feeling like it might be forever before we get to bring Caysen home.
I guess God knew I had almost reached my limit because last night we got these pictures and the update we needed to know that this process is moving right along. Our homestudy has been translated and should be on it's way to us by early next week. Once we get it, we will have it certified by the secretary of state and certified by TECO and then we will ship it back to Taiwan so they can apply for a court date! Hopefully we will be getting a letter from immigrations soon inviting us to get our federal finger printing done too. Once all that is done, we pretty much just wait with nothing left to do besides pack our suitcase and pray for a smooth process :)

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Gina Kay said...

Is that Leia with Caysen and Owen? You're little guy is getting so big! Don't be discouraged Leslie...Caysen will be home before you know it!