Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun Stuff

This is the crib that we ordered about a month ago; it's still laying in pieces in the future nursery. I guess we better get to work :)

We got this glider in another color/pattern. I'm still nervous about whether or not I'll like it because it's hard to tell anything from those tiny swatches!
I did try to choose something versatile so that we can use it in our living room later on when we don't have a need for a nursery.

After lots of online research, I decided to go with this diaper bag. I found some other ones online that I liked, but I really wanted to be able to see it in person so I found this bag locally. There were several to compare from in the store, but this was my favorite. It's much cuter IRL.

I haven't posted an update on our adoption to do list for a while, so here it is:


Applied with agency

Applied with His Hands Taiwan

Requested extra copies and birth and marriage certificates

Mailed copies of birth/marriage certificates to agency

Colorado Fingerprinting/Background check- We passed ;)

Child Proofed House

Made any changes to house necessary to be acceptable to social worker

Completed all 3 meetings with social worker

Completed Physicals/Medical tests

Completed 8 hour "With Eyes Wide Open" training

Completed 12 hour "CORE" training

Completed additional 5 hour training

Reviewed Completed Homestudy Report

Mailed Homestudy Signature Page to Agency

Received a Referral!!!

Created a Power of Attorney

Compiled Documents to be notarized and certified by Secretary of State

Mailed I600 A

More Stuff to do:

Federal Fingerprinting

First Aid/CPR/Infant Care class

Get Homestudy and other documents notarized and certified by Secretary of State

Complete I-171

Get Homestudy translated

Have Homestudy and other documents certified by TECO

Two Court Dates in Taiwan


So, our completed list keeps getting longer...but so does our "to do" list. Oh well, it will all be worth it when we bring him home.

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Cecilia said...

I'm glad you picked that crib and didn't listen to mom...so what bag did you end up getting? What's the name?