Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday marked the beginning of my journey to Taiwan which was more than exciting; but I had to say goodbye to Lance which was pretty tough. I might have cried just a little...ok, it was a full-on ugly cry! I really like my Mr. Kirk :)

We (my in-laws and myself) made it up to Denver with mostly good weather other than about 40 minutes of hail/heavy rain right when we were getting into Denver. My brother met us in Denver and brought me up to Ft. Collins for the night. We made it to Ft. Collins in time to watch some great fireworks!

Today I am just making all final preparations so I'll be ready to hop on that plane tomorrow (and trying to convince my brother that he needs to take me shopping since I can't drive a standard and that's what he drives)!!!

And because it's too funny not to share, this is a conversation Lance and I had yesterday evening-

Lance: Where did you put the list of meal ideas you made for me?

Me: On the kitchen counter next to the paper plates/cups/etc. that I left for you so you don't have to worry about dishes while I'm gone.

Lance: Oh, ok.

An hour or two later-

Me: What did you end up having for dinner?

Lance: Cereal.

I promise I really did leave lots of food for Lance, but he's not used to having to fend for himself so it might take a little getting used to. I reminded him to take some meat out of the freezer this morning so that he can have something besides cereal this week! Yep, I love him :)

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Jamie Jo said...

Have a great trip and be ready for many more tears! You will be floored by how emotional this part of the journey will be (especially without Lance). I am SO happy for you!!!


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