Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everybody Needs a Hair Wash!

Holly took me for a Taiwanese hair-wash and I have to say, it was WONDERFUL! I know a hair-wash doesn't sound that exciting, but it wasn't just any hair-wash. First, the lady massaged my back, shoulders, and neck for several minutes. Then she washed my hair while I was sitting up without ever getting a drop of water or soap in my eyes. During the shampoo, she continued to massage my neck and scalp, so nice!!! After the shampoo, we went to the sink/bowl to rinse and she massaged a little more :) Once that was done, they dried and styled my hair and it felt so smooth and soft!

Even Holly's daughter McKenna got pampered!

Caysen was so good the whole time; he just hung out in his stroller playing with his toys (and looking at his hands).

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